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¿Cómo integrar el CMP en un sitio web Typo3?

Our plugin is tested for TYPO3 9.5 LTS, 10.4 LTS and 11.2 until now (03-08-2021).

Para implementar el Código CMP en un sitio web creado con Typo3 CMS, recomendamos utilizar ConsentManager Extensión Typo3 que se puede encontrar aquí:

  1. Login to the TYPO3 Backend (Eg: The domain name needs to be replaced with the actual one.

  2. Go to the “Admin Tools > Extensions” module in the left side panel.

  3. Click on the “Extension Upload” icon in the extension manager.

  4. Browse the extension zip file and click on the “Upload” button. If the extension is already installed, check the “Overwrite” flag.

    After that make sure the extension is installed on the system.


  5. After the extension has been installed, goto the “Web > List” module and click on the root page to include the extension in the TS template.

    Once the TS Template edited, goto “Includes” tab and add the extension to "Include static (from extensions)". Once included click on “Save”.

  6. Once the extension is included in the TS Template, goto the backend module “Consent Manager” to configure the Cookie Code.

  7. In the “Consent Manager” module, first you can see some instructions regarding the CMP-ID generation which is mandatory to display cookie banner. To configure the Cookie settings, click on the “GET STARTED” button below the instructions. Then you will be redirected to the “Settings” page. 

  8. Enter the CMP-ID (which should be mandatory, numeric and greater than zero), choose the blocking mode (Automatic/Semi-Automatic) and enter a custom HTML code (which is optional) and click on the “Submit” button. 

  9. You’re done. Just go to the frontend of the website (Eg: where the domain name should be replaced with the actual one. 

  10. That’s it. You’re ready with the plugin.